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Why I chose to join a bootcamp after my Master's degree

A blogpost by alumnus Achid Farooq

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Before I started programming professionally, I studied Biology and Law at the Universities in Leiden and Amsterdam. After I graduated, I worked at several companies and organisations in fields for which I had degrees.

For a while I worked at the research and development department at Johnson & Johnson, which is one of the world’s biggest pharmacy companies. Unfortunately, it was not really a company I could see myself work at for the rest of my life. After 3 years I wanted to switch my career and focus on something that made me happy.

Former student Achid Farooq joined the app development bootcamp after his Master's degree

During my college life and while I was working, I worked a lot on websites and did a bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript coding. I took on small jobs from family members and friends. I started building and designing websites for them. After long consideration, I decided that I wanted to work in a field I really loved, which was Information Technology. Accordingly, I started looking for courses and ended up at The App Academy in Amsterdam.

I explicitly chose for mobile app development, because it has become impossible to imagine a world without mobile applications these days. One can use these applications in order to make information more easily accessible for everyone. But even more complex mobile apps can be built to make people’s life easier and more efficient. At the end of the day, it is really a joy to program an application and eventually see all the pieces come together, knowing that your product will help people.

Alumnus Achid Farooq upskilled himself after a Master's degree in Biology to become a mobile app developer at The App Academy

The App Academy has given me the foundation to think and code as a software developer that I had never thought would be possible. The pace at which we develop software is extremely fast, but considering the advantage of being surrounded by students who are just as motivated as I am and the staff that is always eager to help, it becomes much easier. Moreover, whenever we get stuck, the teacher is more than willing to help. Consequently, this cuts down the learning time significantly. They always make time to assist the students, even after class.

The App Academy focuses a lot on the basics of coding with Swift, which is important if you do not have any programming experience. After the first weeks of targeting theory, we started developing mobile apps. We were finally able to put the theory we learned in the first weeks to use. For our first group project, we made a diving app. Through this app a user can find every dive site around the world. I enjoyed working on this project, since all of us in our student team love diving.

The DiveAdvisor was a student project during the summer bootcamp at The App Academy in 2017.

For the final project we developed an application that addresses genetic diseases in a family. The user can create a family tree, describing the genetic diseases the family members encounter. Subsequently, doctors will have a clear overview of the genetic diseases in a family. Furthermore, this was by far the most interesting project I have worked on, since I was able to use my background in Biology.

Overall, I am really happy I got to participate in a bootcamp that has changed my way of thinking and my view on life. I am confident The App Academy has what it takes to turn people with no programming skills into app developers in only twelve weeks, just like me.

Achid Farooq

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