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The App Academy students launch blogs

Read about personal and project development

Our iOS bootcamp students are halfway through their training which started on February 8th. They have learned a lot and are on their way to become professional App Developers. Are you wondering what the students have learned at The App Academy?

You can read about their training on personal blogs that our teacher Samuel has instructed them to set up. Most are technical stories about programming in Swift on, for example, stack views, loops, controllers, classes and enumerations. But you can also read how things are done at our academy and most students wrote a post for future students as well, so check it out:

If you too want to become a job-ready App Developer, check our site for information about our bootcamp trainings. Or visit one of our open days and talk with students and teachers. On our blog you can read interviews with students and their experience in learning to become an app programmer.

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