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The App Academy Open Days

Want to start working as a mobile app developer?
_code for it! 
The App Academy is a coding academy for mobile app development, focused on Apple's mobile platform iOS. We teach you how to build apps in bootcamps. These are intensive, full-time 12-week trainings after which you will be ready to start your career as an app developer. 
Our curriculum covers all aspects of iOS app development. So you will have lessons in Swift, Parse as a back-end, tvOS, App Store deployment, Scrum, UX design & implementation and the principles of working in a team of developers.
Every month we'll organise an Open Day on which you're more than welcome to come over. Our Open Day is an opportunity to meet the students & teachers, grab a coffee and sniff up The App Academy atmosphere. 
The first Open Day in 2016 is on Saturday, January 16th, from 1 to 4 pm. 
Hope to see you soon!
The App Academy team
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