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The App Academy alumnus Marco Driessen in key panel at #DED16 
"I learned to code and got a job"

Digital Employment Day 2016 #DED16

Student Marco Driessen tells about his app development bootcamp at The App Academy.

Digital skills play an increasingly important role in our society. Even if you are not going to work in IT, employers require more and more e-skills on the work floor. But which e-skills play an important role?

That was the focus on the Digital Employment Day 2016 on April 4th in The Hague, The Netherlands, an event for young people who are still studying or about to enter the job market.

The panel discussion ‘Jobs of the Future’, had Menno van den Berg (Managing Director, Samsung), Marc de Vries (Country Manager, Twitter Netherlands) and Marco Driessen (Ambassador, The App Academy) exchanging thoughts and experiences with moderator Michiel Dijkman (Head of Corporate Affairs, Samsung).

Marco told the audience how his life changed in a short time. Until nine months ago he was a cook, but after an app development bootcamp at The App Academy, he started his own app agency with fellow students. "By choosing the right direction and relevant training, one that responds directly to the demand from the tech industry, your chances in finding a good job are suddenly very high," says Marco.

Working with robots, software, tools, big data, content production or community management, once sounded all very new and far away, but nowadays are all quite normal. This requires certain skills, which are not always taught in regular education. And these are not just skills for ICT professionals, as more and more people have to deal with technology in their daily work.

The Digital Employment Day 2016, organized by Samsung, the Dutch Government, Capgemini and Randstad, focused on this subject. Students and job seekers were offered an interesting day filled with lectures, interviews and panel discussions to get an idea which digital skills are needed in the workplace and how to prepare for work. 

There was also room to talk one on one with experts from Samsung and Capgemini, who pointed out which skills they look for when recruiting staff. Learning to code, social media activity, networking through LinkedIn, proved to be important ones. 

Do you want to work on your programming skills and become a job-ready app developer? Check our site for information about our bootcamp trainings. Or visit one of our open days and talk to alumni like Marco and teachers. On this blog you can read interviews with students.

Hope to see you soon!

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