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Students' video apps launched on Demo Day

After 12 weeks of the bootcamp for iOS app development, it was time for Demo Day. The students who started the bootcamp on September the 28th built their graduation app in the final five weeks. 

iOS Teacher Daniel Salber kicked off Demo Day

The ten bootcampers had to build an app in pairs for the product owners, in this case, students of the TV Academy. These students had an assignment from YouTube to make video channels with unique video content. Since media is changing and no longer depends on tv screens only and second screens are more common, it was an interesting opportunity for a pilot collaboration. Our students had to develop apps for the video channels to add value to it.

So which apps did the students produce? Let’s have a look at the five teams:

Ikalef & Sharif at demo day of The App Academy.

Team Ikalef & Sharif
Ikalef and Sharif had to build an app for WiseNose TV, a Youtube channel about science which had to be educational, but also a bit of fun. Basically, a popular science channel in which all videos made by students of the TV Academy are shown in the app. Ikalef and Sharif built extra features on top of that, for example a quiz which starts right after you’ve watched a video. These quizzes give more information about a topic and challenge the user with the new knowledge of the video content. In addition, you can share videos with others and search for topics which interest you.

Jim & Marco at demo day of The App Academy.

Team Jim & Marco

Jim & Marco made their app for VERSUS, a channel about pranks and challenges. The app offers videos, voting and a game. It's a great game which you play with friends. There is a random challenge which you and your opponent play within the app. You can take photos of the players and they are shown as funny personalities in the app. You can share your score after playing for three minutes. The app is built to attract people to watch the challenges of VERSUS on YouTube. Jim and Marco also made a library for all the video of VERSUS, so you can also watch them on your iPhone. An iPad version is the ambition for the next release. 

Bart & Fouad at demo day of The App Academy.

Team Bart & Fouad
Bart and Fouad came up with the Toilet Thoughts app for Taugé TV. This YouTube channel offers a broad range of videos. So Bart and Fouad thought it was a good idea for fans to be able to share their ideas. And where do you have time to think? Exactly, during a toilet visit! So they developed an app in which you can share your toilet thoughts. You can take a selfie, which is placed on a funny design and you can type your thoughts on the screen. People can vote and share thoughts and also watch the videos of Taugé TV. As an extra feature you can use audio for recording your thoughts, ideas or,, sounds. 

In the near future they will also add another feature for taking photos of toilet graffiti.

Marina & Alex at demo day of The App Academy.

Team Marina & Alex
YouTop is Marina's and Alex's app. YouTube is full of funny videos, we know them all: cats who sit on robot vacuum cleaners, people who fall from skateboards or Katy Perry slipping and falling during her gig. Marina and Alex made the YouTop app, a kind of Tinder app for funny videos. You swipe and make a selection of the ones you find funny. You can rate and vote in this app. It is a classical app where you can share, vote, rate and search videos. They developed their app so that you can load any video you want. 

Alyson & Enrico at demo day of The App Academy.

Team Alyson & Enrico

Naturally, the TV Academy wanted an app for their school. Alyson and Enrico developed this app and called it TVA2GO. 

They built some nice features in this app like a mood button: you can choose some fun content, or something educational. All video content is produced by TV Academy students and can be viewed from this feature. If you like a video you can pin it, a bit like Pinterest. You can comment on videos and create a personal pin list. There is also a feature in which you can see the most pinned videos.

Final surprise was their so called easter egg. This is just for fun and is a very nicely created UX-thingy. We won't reveal what it shows, but if you find this hidden feature in the TVA2GO app once it's in the App Store, it will bump through your screen. Practically, they showcase how you can animate screens by using code, something we saw during a lecture from Marin Todorov at the Do {iOS} conference

The App Academy headmaster Axel Roest tells the students about the possibilities of programming in Apple TV.

After our students' demos, The App Academy headmaster Axel Roest showcased how to develop an Apple TV app from an iPhone app. He used the Objective-C code from Alyson and Enrico and created an app which works on the new Apple TV.

The big difference between an iPhone and the Apple TV is that the user is limited to a new type of remote control. Axel showed what you can do with the new tvOS and where it differs in terms of UI/UX. An interesting end of Demo Day and obviously a topic which will return in our future bootcamps and app projects.

We are proud that all students passed their final exam after 12 weeks of hard work! 

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The App Academy is the Dutch coding academy offering bootcamp trainings in Amsterdam. We teach full-time iOS programming which covers all aspects of developing native mobile apps. Our bootcamps are intensive and prepare you to start working as an app developer at an agency, software company or on your own project. During the bootcamp you will build mobile apps with fellow students. This will prepare you for a final graduation project and showcase on your app portfolio.

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