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Students start their graduation app projects

Tuesday, the 17th of November, the final project started and five teams of six students in total were formed at the VondelCS where the TV Academy is located. 

The final stage of the bootcamp has started. The students prepare themselves in pairs for their graduation app. Our students form teams with students from the TV Academy. The assignment is to transform the content made by the TV Academy students into an iOS app.

Students of The App academy, de school voor app programming, work together with student of The TV Academy.

The day started with a Scrum workshop. Scrum is an Agile project management methodology. In the afternoon the teams brainstormed to come up with a concept for their app. The TV Academy students were divided into five teams. The TV Academy worked together with YouTube and every team had to create a new YouTube channel. One team created content about the TV Academy, another team had an open assignment and created TaugéTV. There is also a creative channel called Versus, about two students having a weekly battle. The last two channels are a popular scientific magazine and a YouTube IMDB. Together with The App Academy students, they have to turn each channel into an app. The app must add something extra to the YouTube channel.

Student Marina (right) of The App academy, de school voor app programming, works on an app idea.

After the teams made up their minds and chose a concept, they wrote down their product vision statement. This product vision model helps team members pass the elevator test; the ability to explain the project to someone within two minutes. It comes from Geoffrey Moore's book Crossing the Chasm. It follows the form:

  • For (target customer)
  • Who (statement of the need or opportunity)
  • The (product name) is a (product category)
  • That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy)
  • Unlike (primary competitive alternative)
  • Our product (statement of primary differentiation)

Due to the fact that the TV Academy students are “the client”, one student in each team is the Product Owner (PO). The PO will attend the daily stand ups with The App Academy students.

The App academy, de school voor app programming, learns student how to develop an app. Here they are in an brainstorm with student of the TV Academy.

After five weeks there will be “Demo Day” on Friday, December 18th, then all the teams will present their app to each other and to the invitees (family, friends and business partners). One of the projects shall also be showcased as an Apple TV app.

We will keep you posted and we will report about the “Demo Day” on our blog and newsletter.

The App Academy is the Dutch coding academy offering bootcamp trainings in Amsterdam. We teach full-time iOS programming which covers all aspects of developing native mobile apps. Our bootcamps are intensive and prepare you to start working as an app developer at an agency, software company or on your own project. During the bootcamp you will build mobile apps with fellow students. This will prepare you for a final graduation project and showcase on your app portfolio.

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