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Meet our Bootcamp Trainer Jolijn!

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My name is Jolijn Friederichs. Back in 2016, I started at the app academy as a student. Since then, I have been part of the team. I have been involved in several bootcamps, I have taught introduction workshops to our corporate partners, and now I am going to lead our upcoming bootcamp!

I have a background in fashion design and made a career switch with The App Academy. Besides being connected to The App Academy, I have gained several years of fulltime app development experience at a small digital agency, and I recently graduated as a Msc in Digital Design.

What motivates me is to analyse and break down problems into smaller, manageable pieces and look for (creative) solutions. I can get pretty excited about a programming issue and I won’t let go until it is solved. Besides fixing code problems, I also like to find the best in people, and find ways how to motivate them to get the best out of themselves. Trust me, anyone can learn how to code. It’s fun! It’s interactive, and it teaches you how to think.
When I am not working, I am doing a ton of creative personal projects, playing soccer with my team FZEEMAN, and having fun with friends.

Our upcoming bootcamp is gonna be an interesting one. Besides teaching you all the iOS ins and outs online, we are going to have a focus on the broader scope of an app. Think of ideation sessions where you can let your creativity flow, and together we will have a look at the practical implementation of the app. So you can think through making, learn by doing, and most importantly; fail early and fail often!

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