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It’s now easier than ever to join our online iOS bootcamp. We’ve added more cohorts, shortened the course length and reduced the price.

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Over the years, since we established The App Academy, we’ve seen the coding bootcamp industry make the jump from being a small niche to becoming a vibrant force in tech education. Recent reports show that the number of development bootcamp graduates has been continually growing through recent years.

Not only have countless students benefited from in-person bootcamp courses, but online options have become increasingly popular. In a time where most of us are cooped up at home, online bootcamps are a fantastic option for staying busy and growing skills while entertainment and work related opportunities are limited.

By joining one of our upcoming immersive and intensive 6-week online iOS development bootcamps, you’ll learn the tools, frameworks and best practices used by mobile developers in the industry, taking your app idea from concept to completion. We'll teach you professional techniques as you advance your mobile development skills.

We’re excited about how much of the social classroom environment we’re able to recreate in our online iOS Bootcamp, and that’s why we’ve added more cohorts, shortened the course length and reduced the price to €6.450. Making it easier than ever to join!

Here are our upcoming start dates:

  • June 8th - July 17th
  • August 31st - October 9th
  • November 9th - December 18th

So, if like us, you're stuck at home and want to grow your iOS development skills using Swift, we hope this will be the perfect opportunity for you. You can sign up or schedule a call by using the button below. If you have any questions, email us at

Stay safe and hope to see you at one of our online bootcamps soon!

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