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Introducing: Marco Driessen, student at the The App Academy’s bootcamp

Our bootcamp for iOS app development started on September 28th. We would like to introduce you to our new students. Today we are talking with Marco Driessen (24).

You are a cook, that's a completely different profession than an app developer.
"Actually, I'm not a cook, at least I'm not trained to cook. I started at the highest level (Gymnasium) in high school and did not feel like learning. When they asked me whether I wanted to get a Gymnasium or VWO (second highest level) diploma, I decided to go for a VWO diploma so I wouldn’t have to do Greek and Latin. Later I decided I wanted to do HBO and went to HAVO (third highest level)."

Marco Driessen studies app development at The App academy.

What did you do at HBO?
“I first started studying Media and Entertainment Management and later decided that I wanted to become a Dutch teacher. But I didn’t like either of the educational programs and didn’t feel like doing them. I was quite anti-learning and anti-diplomas at that time. I relied on my intelligence and wanted to continue on my own. When I got at the unemployment agency and they asked for my diploma, I only had my HAVO diploma. I was sent home without a job. I worked in construction for a while when my father was still a contractor. I later I got back to my part time job as a dishwasher and eventually I ended up behind the stove."

How does one get from behind the stove to behind a keyboard to become an iOS developer?
"I wanted something different, I had started at Gymnasium once and knew I was intelligent enough to make progress. Journalism also seemed interesting to me at that time so I started doing a masterclass in video and installation at Studio West in Amsterdam. One of the items to be made was on training projects for the youth unemployment. I saw The App Academy presenting a plan and somehow it stuck on my mind because I was also interested in programming. I had taught myself some things by doing some self study on which is a website for independent study.
Eighteen months later I signed up for an Open Day at The App Academy for their regular bootcamp."

Then what?
“I talked to some of the students who had just completed the bootcamp and got very excited about the apps which they had built even though the bootcamp only lasts three months. Other than that, I am fascinated with Apple, the company, the things they make, their vision. That has also played a part. I also see that there are a lot of job openings for mobile app development. Mobile is the future, there is still a lot to be done in that field.”

Why is The App Academy’s bootcamp appealing to you?
“I’m not the kind of person who should go to school for four years. This is three months of hard work, five days a week from 9 am till 6 pm. First theory, quickly followed by building an app with your fellow students. By bringing into practice what you have learned you see the results of your hard work. We constantly have two teachers walking around in class so you are always being coached and you don’t have to wait long before your questions are answered. The teachers are also still working as an app developers, so they are aware of the latest developments and know exactly all the problem areas when you are actually working for a client. One of our teachers is a former student who knows what we are going through. He has been through it himself. This is very convenient for us because at first there were moments when I thought: I’m never going to understand this. And he pulls you right through it. You get a lot of information, but the curriculum is structured in a way that you suddenly get it and make progress as a developer.”

What are you going to do when you’re done?
“I’d love to work alongside a senior app developer for a while so I can gain some experience. I have a very good basis, because this bootcamp is designed in a way to fit the demand of the companies. But I’m not an experienced programmer yet, I need time for that. Eventually, I would like to work as an independent app developer or start my own company. That kind of freedom suits me well.”

The App Academy is the Dutch coding academy offering bootcamp trainings in Amsterdam and London. We teach full-time iOS programming which covers all aspects of developing native mobile apps. Our bootcamps are intensive and prepare you to start working as an app developer at an agency, software company or on your own project.
During the bootcamp you will build mobile apps with fellow students. This will prepare you for a final graduation project and showcase on your app portfolio.

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