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Google has launched its own training for Android developers

The US tech giant Google sees that there are too few well-trained developers who are familiar with their operating system. This slows down the development of the Android platform, because the demand for developers has increased more than 150% in the past five years, according to Bloomberg. In 12 weeks, students are taught by coding school General Assembly using Google's own written curriculum. It is the first time that Google provides a curriculum for their own product.

"There is not much to be expected from the mainstream education system," says General Assembly, co-founder and CEO Jake Schwartz to Bloomberg. He predicts that it may be years before US universities and colleges provide training to meet the demand of the tech industry. "The regular education system will not be able to train a developer within 12 weeks."

The Google bootcamp will start in early 2016. Students who graduate not only get a diploma but are also offered a job at Vice Media. Schwartz warns that the 12-week bootcamp doesn’t deliver senior developers, but graduates with a solid background who still need to gain experience. The training will start in New York and San Francisco and later spread to fourteen different countries.

Mobile developers for Startups are hard to find
“Although this is not new, it’s good to see that the tech giants are also finally doing something with education,” says Martijn Wuite, Founder of The App Academy. His academy has been offering bootcamps in mobile app development; in iOS, Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPad and tvOS, to students and experienced IT professionals for a while now. “We also see that there is a great shortage of senior app developers. This is bad for the Startup’ ecosystem which is desperate for good developers and is unable to find them. So this is not just an American problem. There is also a mismatch between the regular education system and the demand of the tech industry. This puts a brake on the development of the so-called app economy."

Even greater shortage of iOS developers
Just like Google, The App Academy works with bootcamps. A full-time 12-week training during which students learn to build mobile apps. Not only do they learn to code, but they are also taught to work on solutions for problems within the tech industry. According to Wuite the shortage for iOS developers is just as big as the Android developers. “We even see that there is a higher demand for iOS developers than Android developers. That’s because of the fact that Apple devices are more popular in the B2B market. Nevertheless, we are also going to be offering Android trainings.”

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