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First class of Swift developers graduate at The App Academy

Amsterdam is quickly rising in reputation as one of the leading tech hubs in Europe, and The App Academy is, next to four partner academies, part of the B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) where the next generation is educated in digital skills.

Starting on January 11th, The App Academy trained a class of twelve students for twelve weeks to become mobile app developers. In December the team at The App Academy upgraded their curriculum with a strong focus on Apple’s new open source programming language Swift. This language is in general easier to learn than Objective-C and the twelve students proved no different.

The assignment for the end projects, for which students had five weeks from start to deadline on 1st of April, Demo Day, was to build a video app. All teams showcased a mobile app, built completely native in Swift for iOS, on top of YouTube and around the student’s areas of interest.

Graduation projects 

Rosa, Sjoerd and Mark were The Code Channel app team and built an app for finding, using and sharing coding tutorials.

The Slekker app team members Ivo, Juwendsley and Jimmy built a video recipe finder app which focused mostly on Surinam food ;-)

Kithin, Stephanie and Sida developed the Smovie app, a full featured service which pushes the latest movie trailers to its users.

Last, but not least, Claire, Senna and Marzya created and developed a beauty magazine app with loads of videos and tips.

With these apps on their portfolio it’s just a matter of time before students land their first job in the digital workforce. Nice to mention is that two students, Sjoerd who signed a contract at CXstudio and Ivo at Flitsmeister, were recruited during the bootcamp.

If you want to become a job-ready App Developer, check our site for information about our bootcamp trainings. Or visit one of our open days and talk with students and teachers. On our blog you can read interviews with students.

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