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Dutch Mobility Hackathon 2017

The birth of the augmented travel changer app

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Last weekend we participated as a team from The App Academy at the Dutch Mobility Hackathon 2017 in The Hague. This hackathon was an initiative from UtrechtInc and ANWB, Schiphol and NS provided several datasets for us to hack around with. The goal was to create a functioning demo within 24 hours.

At 14.00 the first presentation started. After each partner had pitched their datasets it was time for the participating teams to pitch. Each team had to pitch their idea to the rest of the teams. Now it’s time to start hacking.

The App Academy hackathon team

We decided to use the datasets from Schiphol Airport, which provided us with information about when to be at Schiphol (based on the security waiting time and the time to walk to the gate). In addition, we wanted to create something that did not exist yet in most travel applications. So we came up with the idea to use Augmented Reality (AR) to find your way through Schiphol (e.g. to your gate, airport facilities, POI etc). Based on this information we could create an applications for passengers to make their travel experience less stressful.

With this in mind we were off to a flying start; hours off debating of what to make, which API’s to use, what design to use, what problem we wanted to solve with our app and of course what our hilariously humiliating team name would be. After our brainstorming session had come to an end, we spend the next fifteen hours coding with vast amounts of RedBull.

Team captain Ben on stage

On the second day we started bright and early. Since we’ve hardly had any sleep at all, a steady amount of caffeine was required to keep us going. Using the datasets provided we were able to create a well functioning AR app. This app can be used to guide yourself through Schiphol whilst directions are being given and shown through AR.

In less than 24 hours time we were able to create a fully functional app to improve the mobility at Schiphol. And we were given the opportunity to showcase the application to everyone at the Dutch Mobility Hackathon and answer questions from the jury. Although we had only 2 minutes to pitch our idea and showcase the whole application, we were able to deliver our message and goal of our app, which was almost as important as creating the application: “Don’t miss your flight”.

Everybody happy?

It was a great experience and challenge to see what we managed to accomplish in such a short time. And therefore, we would like to thank the ANWB, Schiphol, NS and all other parties involved for hosting such an amazing event and The App Academy for signing us up and giving us the chance to it try out.

Trym, Kyrill & Michiel.

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