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The App Academy joins forces with EU’s eSkills for Jobs 2016 platform

A world without technology is impossible to imagine, but many people do not have enough skills for the tech related jobs, resulting in a mismatch on the labour market. From within the European Commision (EC) the platform eSkills for Jobs 2016 is trying to make European students and employees aware of the fact that skills in technology and ICT are of great importance. In collaboration with The App Academy, the coding school for mobile app development, they’ve launched a competition for the most innovative prototype of an app.

Price: one free app development bootcamp of three months in January 2017 at The App Academy in Amsterdam. See the competition page here.

Mainstream education has no answer to the ever-evolving technologies and politics are not able to develop appropriate policies as well. Meanwhile, there is a big mismatch in the labour market, because there is not enough highly skilled technical staff and the intake of students for these fields is still far too low. Meanwhile this leads to more stimulus programs. One is eSkills For EU Jobs in March which organised an event in Scheveningen called the Digital Employment Day 2016. This event was organized to explain to young people that digital skills are very important. The App Academy was also present at Digital Employment Day to talk about the problems of mismatch in the labour market. Former student Marco Driessen told his story as how he in three months at the Amsterdam The App Academy retrained from cook to professional app developer.

Is that possible? Yes, that's possible. Coding academies are quite capable of organizing high level bootcamps offering full-time programs of 3 months to meet the demands of the labour market. Bootcamps, such as offered by The App Academy, are a good solution to combat the mismatch.

Mobile app development is a growth market.

About The App Academy

The App Academy focuses on mobile platforms as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, a growing market that is not only happening in the consumer market, but also that of B2B (business to business) where more and more products and services are launched on mobile devices for optimising work processes and communication. Hence the growing demand for app developers.

Are you interested in becoming a mobile app developer? Then here's your chance to win a bootcamp App of The Academy. Are you between 18 and 35 years, you have some programming knowledge, an idea for a mobile app and you have an idea how you want to market? Then join the contest and submit your idea or presentation before September.

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