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Coming from Milan to learn app development in Amsterdam

September the 28th marked the start of the fall semester of our iOS bootcamp. We would like to introduce you to our new students. Today we talk with Enrico Castelli (26) from Milano, Italy.

Is there a big tech scene in Italy? 
All economical activity is based in the north of Italy. Basically in the regions Piemonte, Lombardia and Veneto. There are a lot of startups in Italy, but when it comes to apps, no one knows how to build them. There is a big shortage of app and software developers and the ICT schools have a bad reputation where you only learn the basics. So Italy has the same problems as other countries: a big demand in developers, but not enough skilled people and the schools are not good enough.

App development student Enrico Castello is doing bootcamp training at The App Academy in Amsterdam.

Is that why you came to Amsterdam to The App Academy for the bootcamp iOS App Development? 
In Italy I couldn't find a bootcamp like this one at The App Academy this and I wanted to go abroad to experience new things. I don't like Paris, was in London before and really wanted to go to Amsterdam, which I think is a real nice city. I went on holiday with my girlfriend and visited an Open Day at The App Academy. The program looked good and I talked with the teachers and some ex-students. Everything sounded solid and I wasn't looking for a program of 2 years. This bootcamp is three months.

Why iOS? 
Apple has great appeal. It looks good and I like the philosophy of the company. The iPhone and iPad are fun, nice to work with and all works good, it works better then Android devices. But maybe later I want to learn more programming languages, for example Java.

Do you like the program and teachers? 
In the beginning it was confusing, we jumped in the middle of the sea. Our teacher Daniel said: "It is hard." I was not prepared, we started coding from zero and the first two weeks we were lost (laughs). You go, you keep swimming and then all of a sudden you can do something, from there you start to grow. It is a good course and well structured. We do it all by ourselves, Daniel lead us to the path but doesn't give the answers, that is the best way to learn programming. 
Now we build in teams our graduating app, that is very instructive, you have an idea how it is to work for a real customer. I work together with Alyson and we build an app for a video channel for students of the TV Academy who work together with YouTube.

If you are graduated what do you want to do? 
The App Academy is helping me to find a job in Amsterdam, but maybe I go back to Italy. It depends on how fast I can start working for a company. I need to get more experience by coding a lot. And who knows I start my own company in the future.

The App Academy is the Dutch coding academy offering bootcamp trainings in Amsterdam and London. We teach full-time iOS programming which covers all aspects of developing native mobile apps. Our bootcamps are intensive and prepare you to start working as an app developer at an agency, software company or on your own project. 

During the bootcamp you will build mobile apps with fellow students. This will prepare you for a final graduation project and showcase on your app portfolio.

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