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Bootcamp starts in partnership with TV Academy

Our bootcamp started on Monday, September 28 and we're now half way with this group of soon to be iOS developers. Next to the Dutch students we welcomed students from Italy, Croatia and the United States who see their future in mobile app development. 
In the 'Gouden Bocht' at Herengracht in Amsterdam we've opened the new location of our classroom. Directed by our headmaster Axel Roest, one of the first Dutch iOS app developers, the students receive education in Swift, Objective-C, UX implementation, Scrum and they will build apps for their final project with students from the TV Academy. This academy teaches media talents to become the next generation of TV producers and format developers. During their education well known interviewers, documentary makers and presenters give guest lectures, such as Michiel van Erp, Ferry Mingelen, Jeroen Pauw and Sascha de Boer.
Mobile apps and Television
The App Academy and the TV Academy believe that content is the dominant factor in an ever increasing platform- and medium independent way. Content includes programs and journalistic expressions, but also quality apps, images, live streams and sites. In the future, second screens are integrated applications on a single screen, like the Apple TV app.
Therefore, the two academies see a merging profession in front of them. TV makers will also have to gain insights into a variety of other digital forms. The App Academy has the technical knowledge to translate TV formats into applications such as apps for smartphones, tablets and digital TV. In this bootcamp, our students develop apps for the formats which the TV Academy students have created. Both groups of students will need to do this in order to graduate.
The App Academy is the Dutch coding academy offering bootcamp trainings in Amsterdam. We teach full-time iOS programming which covers all aspects of developing native mobile apps. Our bootcamps are intensive and prepare you to start working as an app developer at an agency, software company or on your own project.
During the bootcamp you will build mobile apps with fellow students. This will prepare you for a final graduation project and showcase on your app portfolio.
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