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Alumni Interview: Enrico Castelli of Peaks

Programming the first lines of code

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Enrico Castelli entered The App Academy in September 2015 and has since his graduation been working in the Amsterdam app industry. Last year he joined a fintech startup called Peaks who recently announced their pennystock investment product.

Enrico Castelli

How is it going with you 15 months after your bootcamp?
Extremely good. I’m constantly learning, I love my job and become every day more confident about my skills.

What have you done throughout the year?
Right after the bootcamp I’ve been working on a couple of small projects. I had a lot of fun, it was like playing around in a whole new world. Then I’ve worked with a fellow student from the bootcamp as a freelancer on a Philips enterprise app. It was just a 3 weeks job but still pretty hard, because a lot of people relied on us for developing a product and we had to strictly stick on design guidelines. It was stressful but extremely challenging at the same time, like facing the real world of a professional mobile developer for the first time. Right after that, I started at Peaks.

Since 10 months you’re working at this startup Peaks. How did you connect with them?
It is a funny story. I was looking for a job and the HR of the company was looking for junior developers on Linkedin. He got my contact, messaged me on Facebook and after couple of interviews I got a 6 months contract. Since we were both happy about the collaboration, they offered me an extension and I took it.

Can you tell us what this company does or develop?
It’s a fintech startup. We are a product company, so we are developing only one app focused on making life easier for people who want to start investing and saving money. It's really easy to use and full of nice functionalities.
We also have a strong team that covers all aspects of the app: backend developers, marketing experts, and designers.

In what aspects did the bootcamp help you with that?
In every aspect: I could not get this job without what I learnt at The App Academy. Not only in terms of skills, but also in the curiosity and the push to improve myself and learn more.

What is your current role?
I’m an iOS developer, working in a team with a senior developer. Since I’m the first employee of this company, I wrote the very first lines of code and know the app really well. Generally I focus more on the visual part, implementing the design, trying out nice animations and make sure that everything looks good. And fixing bugs of course.

When are you launching the app?
We still don’t know exactly, but somewhere this summer for sure. I’m looking forward to it!

Are you looking for new colleagues?
We are always looking for new people since we are growing day by day. We currently need both Android and iOS developers that can fit in the team.

Would you refer developers from The App Academy to your director?
Sure thing. Even though we are looking for developers with some experiences, we can always give a chance to skilled talented juniors. Just take a look at our jobsite!

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
Thanks. Good luck with the new bootcamp.

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