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247streaming: where innovation and entrepreneurship merge

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When innovative startup 247streaming approached The App Academy to discuss a collaboration, the decision was easy: students could sink their teeth into a challenging final project. Founder Koen van Tijn chats with us about digitization, collaborating with app developers, and major future plans.

“Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s”

247streaming is an online platform from which several formats are launched into the market, including top 40, dancehall, urban, classics, rock, and EDM. Creating radio 4.0 to introduce a new way of listening: that’s the goal.

Koen van Tyn

“Students from The App Academy developed our iOS app last spring. Currently, we are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,” Koen says enthusiastically. The app, which will complement the website, should be available before Christmas. “I wanted to launch an app into the market quickly in a budget-responsible and creative way. That is why I contacted The App Academy.”

Koen has been working hard on setting up a number of partnerships with national and international brands. In addition, he is currently in talks with a serious investor. “As soon as one of these two things takes off, we’d like to hire some of the app developers from the student team!”

“Inspiring, exciting, and successful”

The app building process was as smooth as it was structured. “We were, however, still in the alpha version, and we were working on tight deadlines,” says Koen. “At one point, we linked our live streams to the beta version. I was expecting to encounter some bugs, but the app worked right away. That was a really great moment.”

Koen is just as happy with the app – that has been working stably since day one – as with the collaboration, which he calls “inspiring, exciting, and successful!”

“Working with The App Academy is, simply put, impressive”

247streaming’s app is not yet available in the App Store, but Koen installed it on his own smartphone and tablet. “I show investors the app during presentations and meetings. The fact that it works properly makes a great impression.” Koen always mentions his collaboration with The App Academy. “That is, simply put, impressive!”

“In two years…”

“... we will be an innovative, modern media company working with media 4.0,” says Koen. “By then, we will not pay attention to the way in which traditional media do things; we will serve our target groups in a 100% digital manner. And we will be one of the major players in the field of streaming media.”

How about the partnership with The App Academy? “We definitely want to continue it,” Koen states without a doubt. “We are already visiting fairs together. To put it briefly, this collaboration is going really well!”

Curious about 247streaming? Have a look at this great startup’s online home or Facebook page.

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